Role Models

Why do we look to football players, baseball players and sports figurers as role models? Most of them are from poorer and lower social classes with much less education and social experience. Why look up or down. Look to yourself.

I understand that sports is an important part of many societies but, we ignore the actions of people we consider more important to our society, our top business leaders.

For example: People like Bill Gates, who was known as a person who took/stole much of what he used to form Microsoft and earn billions, because he was, “Smart enough to lease his DOS System to IBM, not to sell it.” How hard was that, when IBM was a company that only leased its equipment as their business model, whoopee. Even now he is considered a great benefactor because he is in Africa to help cure major diseases. A worthy cause, but, what about this…

There are less computers and internet penetration, (No pun intended) in Africa over any other continent. A little self serving, huh? He has also said that the foundation is only working for the next 50 years. All of this sounds like he is more interested in using the PR from his foundation to give MS a good name and sell computers and his new cell/handy phones and to maintain control for his and his wife’s life span. What about poverty and disease in USA?

Mark Zukerberg, who stole the concept for Face Book and wants to be known as the person who links the world… He said, “How can I link the world if we don’t have the last 2 billion people who don’t have Face Book.”  According to recent media comments/reports is working hard on getting, “… the last 2 billion people on FB .”

Or Jack Welsh, who said, when asked by Pierce Morgan on CNN, “When you moved GE to China,  a few of your employees, who were laid off, committed suicide.” Without hesitation said, “But I made a $4 billion dollar company into a $14 Billion company. Nothing for the people who killed themselves because of his actions. Not a word.

Or, Jeff Bazzos who picked the name, Amazon, to appeal to woman customers, who built warehouses in the middle of nowhere, hired people at low wages and is currently working on replacing them with robots and drones. I think his new business model is to get the manufacturers to ship/bring their products to him and put it on his shelves (Like many companies work with super markets.). His plan is to be able to do it all by himself. And, US media leave out the fact that he is being investigated because he brings workers from Romania, who are payed below minimum wages and have to live in his hotels and work overtime and if they complain or talk to the press are fired.

The wonder of the decade is, why don’t people who use Twitter see that they are really, “Twits”, because it is a form of censership, becaue it limites message to 140 caracters and signs which are used by media for free: CNN, CNBC, BBC, France 24/The Observers, Who now say, “You can reach us on Twitter /FB and give credit to social media Cos. Which is really free publicity for them, but give the people who fall for this form of slave labor, nothing, zero…0000… They are not paid for their text, photos, videos which save the networks millions a month.

Let’s all pile on the Afro-American and Latino players because they take drugs and hit their wives, while these lowlifes are worshiped for the millions they make.

Like them and worship them. Be attention slaves. Do it for free because it is worth what you are paid. Or?